Festivals & Events


Brighton Digital Festival

Let's Create Together

Winner of the Digital Education Award at Brighton Digital Festival.

An event encouraging young people to bring along a parent, grandparent or other adult caregiver and explore the world of creative technology together.

Spring Forward 2018.png

Spring Forward Festival

Mother & Daughter Creative Tech Workshops

A unique annual event created for the festival celebrating of Women in Digital Culture.

Girls and their mothers (or female adult mentors) took part in creative technology workshops including Minecraft EDU, Lego robotics and stop-motion animation.


International DNA Day

Discover DNA

Developed alongside cancer biologist Dr Katy Petherick, these workshops were aimed at students interested in biotechnology and biomedical engineering careers.

Students performed DNA extraction from fruit and learned about genetics, DNA structure and gel electrophoresis.


British Science Week

Chocolate Laboratory

Winner of the Community Award from the British Science Association.

Designed alongside Brighton chocolatiers CocoaMonkey, children learned about the chemistry of chocolate production while creating their own confections.


Brighton Science Festival

Minecraft at the Museum

Enabling young people's participation in a virtual palaeontology dig, these workshops held at the Booth Museum of Natural History integrated the handling of artefacts from the museum's fossil collection.


British Science Week

Chemistry in a Cup

This workshop focused on the chemistry behind ceramics, firing and glazing with potter Hazel Stephenson. 

Students explored material science concepts while creating their own clay cups.


Brighton Digital Festival

Music Makers

Winner of the Grassroots Award at Brighton Digital Festival.


Developed with music technologist Rosa Fox, these workshops provided young people with an introduction to Sonic Pi and digital music composition.

The resulting tracks were entered as part of students' national Arts Awards.


Women in Engineering Day

Girls Imagineer 

the Future

Held at the University of Brighton, girls were invited to attend workshops featuring robotics, computer game development, digital music, animation and engineering challenges.

Corporate (In-house)


Professional Development

Agile Robotics

A bespoke series of robotics and programming workshops for a global technology company, integrating concepts from Agile software development methodology.

The course was tailored for staff at
beginner, intermediate and advanced experience levels.



Project Management 

in Technology

A 10-hour course delivered for students on work experience at a global technology company, comprising robotics challenges with a project management competition.

The course culminated with students' presentations of their solutions to the Vice President of the company.

Lego Robotics Workshop 2.JPG

Team Building

Play | Create | Invent

Creative and fun workshops to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day at a national innovation foundation.

Participants were invited to re-discover their childhood curiosity while building and inventing with Lego robotics.


School & Community Outreach


Engineering & Careers

Royal Institution Masterclass

Created for the national charity and based on my unique experiences in the aerospace engineering industry, this workshop and talk for Year 9 students involved space exploration Lego robotics challenges, alongside advice on potential education and career paths.


Engineering Design

Eco-Car Design

Hands-on workshop based around discovering ultra-efficient car design through reverse engineering.

Delivery of multiple sessions to primary and secondary school groups during a multi-day festival at London's Olympic Park, sponsored by a global energy company.


Design & Technology

Creative Conductors

Incorporating MakeyMakey and Scratch, this workshop asked young people to design and build handheld controllers for users with specific needs, and showcased careers at a national energy company.

A successful pilot scheme saw delivery in 15 primary schools before roll-out across the UK.


Digital Arts

Young Animators Studio

Afterschool course run over 8 weeks at a local digital arts organisation, culminating in a movie screening event for students' friends and families.


STEAM & Careers

Girls Get Digital

A whole-day event celebrating Ada Lovelace Day, showcasing STEAM careers and opportunities at a global technology company.


Girls were invited to attend workshops featuring robotics, computer game development, animation and website creation.


Content Production

Diving in the Reef

Science & Engineering

Educational Resources

Educational materials and research reports for a future underwater habitat project.


Science & Engineering

Research Reports

Research reports detailing links to the UK National Curriculum for a future oceanography mission.

Minecraft Farm

Engineering & Technology


Copywriting and images for an educational book about learning to code in Minecraft.


Science & Engineering

Outreach Materials

Blog posts and other public outreach materials for a global engineering firm, envisioning Mars in 2050.